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New moon vibes- how to charge your crystals.

So guys it’s the New Moon today! I hope you’re excited as I am. Why is the new moon so great? Well- the hint is behind the name. A new moon signifies new beginnings and releasing the old. Therefore, it’s the best time to wipe your crystals slate clean and get ready to bring you lots of new healing energy. Think of it like giving your crystals a good bath! You can heal your crystals under any moon, however the new moon will super charge your crystals and get them sparkling clean. Crystals absorb any energy around them and if they’ve already been working hard, especially if they have brung you manisfestation, they will need some pampering as they will be worn out, ready to start again. Even crystals you haven’t had out, programmed, or cleansed or charged before. All you need to do is leave your crystals out on your windowsill, facing the moon, or if you prefer leave out in your garden beneath it. It simply is that easy, to allow the energy of the new moon to wipe your crystals slate clean and ready again for programming. It locks in the new moons amazing vibration, making it super powerful and ready to go. To give them an extra boost, I like to run my crystals under running water before placing them out if they aren’t affected by water. Selenite for example would not be able to be ran under water. In this case if your crystal isn’t able to be cleansed by water you could place it on a cluster or large piece of selenite. You will need to check what time in your area the new moon will peak to make sure your crystals are out at that time as believe it or not it could peak in the day. Try and leave them a few hours before. Once you have picked your crystal back up you can programme it again to tell it how to do its job. Read more about that here . For the next few days after cleansing your crystal under the new moon, keep it out and close by. Sleep with it by your side as it will help the crystal be charged towards you and help you through any struggles (or happiness) you face in life during the changes the new moon may bring! Love and light 🔮The Crystal Fairy 🧚‍♀️💕 

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