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An Introduction To Healing Crystals

So healing Crystals have just started to become a popular source of healing in the new age. They are becoming more and more popular. I'm sure you've heard of them before- but you may be wondering what healing crystals actually are, how they do and how they work!

Well let me be your guide. Here's everything you need to know about Crystal Healing and their benefits.

What are healing crystals?

The majority of healing crystals are formed in the Earth's crust, when Magma cools and starts to harden. If you're a science geek, this part is for you; Liquid molecules gather together to try and become stable and do so in a repeated pattern and TA DA! You have yourself a crystal.

Most crystals have been formed over millions of years while some are relatively new and they carry the energy of the sun, moon, earth, universe and everything in between. Each crystal is a life that has been brewing since waaaay before our time- just imagine that buzzing energy. Sometimes, when you put your ear to a crystal, you can even HEAR the energy if you're super sensitive! Have you ever hugged a tree and felt calmer? Do you know why? Because trees are also living beings. They have cells, they grow and they are budding with clean life and energy. This is what crystals are like.

Crystals are usually dug out with shovels and carts and taken to process. They are found in caves, mines and mountains all over the world, For example, a popular location that Amethyst is found is in Brazil where rocks are cut down and cracked from the caves. Our salt lamps that we sell are cut from huge salt mines in Pakistan. They are then cut down and shaped by workers and fitted with a base, packed and bought to wholesalers.

Crystals have been used for thousands of years with plenty of scientific evidence! For example, Baltic Amber bracelets have been discovered from the last Ice Age. Also there is evidence Ancient Greeks wore Amethyst to prevent intoxication and hangovers (explaining the name they were responsible for- meaning 'not drunk') and Ancient Egyptians wore crystals for protection and health...with some mummies even being buried with them in their tomb.

What do healing crystals do?

Now that that parts over, lets get on to the interesting stuff!

Healing crystals all have different abilities and characteristics, and therefore have different abilities and powers. Healing crystals adjust to the vibration of whoever they are programmed to to work with them, and allow positive and healing energy to flow into the body. So for example if you wear a 'love' crystal (rose quartz) and you have the intention of drawing yourself love, love it will bring you. But if you use a crystal to help insomnia, such as howlite, with the intention of more energy, then the vibration is all wrong and all you will get is the opposite of what you wanted- and even less energy!

So I've got my crystal. What do I do with it? So you've chosen your crystal. Congratulations! The first thing you should do is cleanse and charge it following one of the methods below. This is because, as crystals are highly sensitive, they can pick up all sorts of different energies and they need to pick up just your energies and yours alone. Just imagine how many people have handled your crystal before? It would be like having a blood transplant off somebody with infected blood. More information coming on a future post on how to cleanse and charge your crystals, but for now you can use this for reference:

Once this is done, its a good idea to programme your crystal to your needs. Crystals do a better job when they're told what you want them to do, however this isn't necessary. Get your crystal and sit in a quiet space after getting your vibration as high as you can. This is because you want your crystal to bring you positive energy- so you need to be positive yourself. Remember you need to match your crystals vibration! You can do this by doing something that makes you really happy. For me, I put some happy music on loud and dance and sing...usually while I hoover so I don't make my neighbours' ears bleed!

Ask your crystal to be cleansed of any negativity it may carry and tell it what you want it to do and what you want it to bring you. Then once you have said your peace either in your head or out loud, imagine a while clean light pouring into it. Do your research; again don't ask a sleepy stone to bring you a shower of energy. It won't work because that's not what the stone is! It has no energy vibration in it whatsoever. An example of something you could say while holding a Rose Quartz to cure any emotional trauma would be:

"I ask this crystal to be cleansed of any negativity, and to bring me some soothing and healing love and light."

How do I use healing crystals?

So you should next decide where you would like to put your crystal. You should know by now what you want your crystal to bring you and adjust accordingly, doing some research when needed. If you want a crystal to bring you and your partner closer, don't put it in your bathroom! It is more common to place a Rose Quartz crystal in the bedroom to attract you some love or to bring a relationship closer. You can also place it in the 'relationship corner' of your house which is the rear left according to Feng Shui.

As with Citrine, this is a financial based stone; it is very effective (and has been to me) when placed in the wealth corner of your house which is the rear left. Also, you can carry a piece in your purse to attract money to it, or to wherever you do your work. With Amethyst if you want to attract yourself some anxiety relief you would place in your living room or on your person, or if suffering from insomnia on your bedside table or under your pillow.

Crystal Healing during meditation

Healing crystals can also be used during meditation and I use them myself. I often lie with an Amethyst in my hand to highten communication; infact I can't without it now. It's often such a magical experience with a cluster of Amethyst in my hand! However if you want to manifest changes in your life, using Labradorite, the stone of Magic and Transformation, may be best to carry.

A very effective way of healing yourself is by placing crystals on the body. There are 7 energy centres in the body called Chakras.

By placing different crystals on the point of which you are having the most trouble can help it to heal. For example if your heart chakra (or the Fourth Chakra) is blocked, or you are having trouble with your love life, laying down and meditating with a rose quartz over your heart may help. See which stones work with which Chakra here.

Chakra Jewellery also helps open the body up to abundance and align chakras due to each 7 stones on the jewellery matching a chakra.

I hope you have enjoyed this blog post as much as I enjoyed writing it, and stay tuned for more! <3 THE CRYSTAL FAIRY.

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