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Are you feeling lost in your life at the moment and want to start using crystals to better your life? Or perhaps you have crystals but don't know how to use them? Then you could benefit from a consultation with the crystal fairy.

What is a crystal consultation?

In our consultation, we will send you a sheet full of questions to fill out to find out about your life and what you may need help with. Then we will discuss your situation, and we will match you to the crystal(s) you need to buy and a discount code. We will tell you what these crystals do and how to cleanse, charge and program them. If needed we will also direct you on how to do a grounding meditation.

Crystal consultations are £5, and you can purchase them through the listing in our store and leave your email address in the notes for your consultation or message us to enquire on our facebook page and pay via bank transfer on

We look forward to speaking with you!

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